Parties will be held from 7:00 – 9:00PM. Entry fee is $15 per person. Refreshments will be served. Please note dates for “themed” parties.


Saturday, October 10th & Saturday, October 17th

Saturday, November 14th & Saturday, November 21st

Saturday, December 12th

Saturday, December 19th – “XMAS” PARTY!


Friday, January 8th

Saturday, January 16th – “THANK GOODNESS IT ISN’T 2020 ANYMORE” PARTY!

Friday, February 12th – “VALENTINE’S DAY” PARTY!

Friday, March 12th

Saturday, March 20th – “SPEAKEASY” PARTY!

Friday, April 9th

Saturday, April 17th – “BLACK, WHITE, AND RED ALL OVER” PARTY

Friday, May 7th – “SIETE DE MAYO” PARTY

Saturday, May 15th

Friday, June 11th

Saturday, June 19th – “RAT PACK” PARTY

Friday, July 9th

Saturday, July 17th – “RED, WHITE, AND BLUE” PARTY

Friday, August 13th – “FREAKY FRIDAY” PARTY

Saturday, August 21st

Friday, September 10th – “WEAR WHITE AFTER LABOR DAY” PARTY

Friday, October 8th

Saturday, October 16th – “HALLOWEEN” PARTY

Friday, November 12th

Saturday, November 20th – “MASQUERADE” PARTY

Friday, December 10th

Saturday, December 18th – “XMAS” PARTY